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Core Documents Adds $99 Section 125 POP Doc

The new $99 Section 125 Premium-Only Plan PDF email version has a one-time setup fee for a custom prepared, compliance reviewed IRS and DOL required document, not an annual recurring charge for an automated document like their competitors which may or may not be compliant.


Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2014 — productimageCore Documents, the nations premier PRweb-Logoprovider of affordable Section 125 Cafeteria and HRA plan documents since 1997 has reduced the price of their Section 125 Premium Only Plan document from $114 to an only $99 Section 125 PDF email version.

Internal Revenue Code Section 125 allows employees to purchase health insurance and other ancillary benefits tax-free. A Section 125 Plan legally allows employees to use pretax or tax-free dollars to pay their portion of health insurance premiums and other ancillary benefits premiums.

Utilizing a Section 125 Plan makes qualifying insurance premiums more affordable to employees, where they can save 23%-40% of their pretax Section 125 premium deductions just in federal income tax alone. For the employer, a Section 125 Plan eliminates the 7.65% in employer-matching Social Security and Medicare taxes, in addition to some Federal and State unemployment taxes. Depending on the state, employers may also be eligible for workers compensation savings. The bottom line is: employers who establish Section 125 Plans recoup the small $99 one-time setup fee quickly and then continue to realize tax savings year after year.

$99 Section 125 Premium-Only Plan PDF Document — No annual fee!

Core Documents provides employers with everything they need to establish an IRS-and DOL-compliant plan with its $99 Section 125 Premium Only Plan PDF. This cost reflects a one-time setup fee, not an annual charge like their competitors.

Core Documents, Inc. has been providing free consulting, affordable plan documents, and plan updates as needed for Section 125 Cafeteria Plans and Health Reimbursement Arrangements since 1997. See more information about these fringe benefit plans at Core Documents’ website: http://www.coredocuments.com, or call toll free 1-888-755-3373.

Online Section 125 Premium Only Plan Order Form

Fax PDF Section 125 Premium Only Plan Order Form

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