Core Documents adds Lively HSA Administration

lively-hero Lively HSA Administration

Core Documents now offers Lively HSA administration for Health Savings Accounts. You can open an HSA anytime, open enrollment is not required. Want to invest in your health? Open a Lively HSA here.

Why Open a Lively Health Savings Account?

Lively is #1 user-rated HSA on the market. And here’s why:

  • No Hidden Fees – Did you know the average HSA costs individuals and families over $30/year in fees? These include common HSA fees like debit card transactions fees or extra fees to get monthly statements. Lively doesn’t nickel and dime its customers.
  • The Features Employees Want – Lively HSA administration includes savings and investing options like FDIC insured accounts, debit cards, investment options (through TD-Ameritrade), online sign-up, and monthly reports. Plus, a customer team that can answer any questions employees have.
  • HSA Accessibility – Lively ensures employees can get their HSA funds when they need them. Many legacy HSA providers make it hard to get HSA money. Employees need their money when it is convenient for them. Lively was built with this in mind.

A modern HSA provider, like Lively, helps your employees plan and save for current and future healthcare costs. They keep their hard-earned money so they end up with the health savings they need.

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 Is My Money Safe at Lively?

The only thing more valuable than your money is your personal information. Here is what Lively does to keep them both safe and secure:

  • HSA Savings – HSA money is backed by FDIC insurance (up to $250,000 per HSA account).
  • HSA Investing – TD Ameritrade provides investing and trading services for 11 million client accounts that total more than $1 trillion in assets. That’s why we trusted them with our Lively investment accounts. Your invested funds carry SIPC insurance.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Lively HSA administration is HIPAA compliant. That means, we are required by law to keep all sensitive personal health information safe. This is not something we take lightly.
  • AES 256 Disk Encryption – All personal information is out of reach of unauthorized access. Data is encrypted using the industrial-strength AES 256 disk encryption standard. It would literally take over 1 billion years to crack this encryption!

HSA Employee Education Tips

Lively FAQs

How Employers can Fund a Lively HSA?

  • Seamless Employer Administration Manage your HSA (and all employees)  from your online admin dashboard. View employees and their enrollment status in one place. Add or remove employees and update contribution amounts in an instant.
  • Automated Payroll Deductions – We’ve built payroll syncing capabilities that remove the administrative burden from the HR administrator, making any sort of employee deductions seamless. You don’t need another lone orphan system that operates completely independently of others.
  • One-time and Recurring Contributions – Change employer-sponsored HSA contributions in one place and have them automatically synced across all of your systems. You can set one-time or recurring contributions in our HSA platform.

Ready to get Started? You can download our Employer HSA Guide or open an employer HSA here.