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Some of the features that make HSA Administration through Bancorp a great decision

Let HSA Administration through Bancorp improve your HSA experience

Bancorp offers its HSA clients education on how to fund and use the account, a competitive interest rate, easy access with an HSA debit card, and more. The following article clearly explains the benefits of HSA administration through Bancorp.


Core Documents, Inc,, recommends HSA administration through Bancorp.

Written by Loretta Graham-Giles, Manager of CoreAdmin

– A member of The Bancorp Healthcare Solutions team will reach out to the Employer and go through the enrollment and funding process and answer any questions.

– The Bancorp offers 24/7 live customer service for members and a live employer support line Monday –Friday from 8 am – 8 pm ET.

– The Bancorp has a team within the Healthcare Solutions group that will work with you on any higher level questions or research items.

– The Bancorp provides live weekly HSA 101 webinars so that your employees can learn how to use their HSA benefit and can ask questions. Recorded webinars are also available for further information.

– Low monthly maintenance fee for account balances lower than $1,500 that have an automatic deposit each month through their Employer ($2.50/mo, this can be covered by the Employer to encourage Employee participation).

– Competitive interest rates (see Current rates)

– When your Employees have as little as $2,500 in their HSA, they can apply for an Investment Account.

You can find more information about providing HSA Administration through CoreAdmin when you visit our HSA webpage.

If you have clients that would like to begin allowing their Employees to pre-tax their HSA contributions, and you would like to make them available on the BennyCard through CoreAdmin, when you place your order for the Premium Only Plan with HSA Module, add “Please Provide HSA Admin Set-Up” in the Notes section.

We will then send an HSA Administrative Services Agreement to you with the forms required to set up the Bancorp HSA Employer Account.

Send your questions about HSA Administration and Coordinating your HRA/FSA with your Employee’s HSA benefit to Loretta @ CoreAdmin.info