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The "Purchaser" is the person placing the order, not necessarily the "Employer" listed in the plan document, or the person paying for it. Enter the name of the person that you would like us to contact if we have any questions about the order (i.e. Accountant, Agent, TPA, Payroll Company, or HR Mgr., etc.).

Employer Information for Plan Documents

Employer Information

NO HYPHENS! Enter the legal name of the Employer, EXACTLY as you would like to see it in your plan document. Do not type all in upper case or all in lower case; check your spelling and punctuation. No hyphens as they issue a STOP command on form. If using a DBA, or the legal name includes a DBA, please include in the Notes the full legal name and which name you would like us to use as the common name in the documents.

Please enter the physical address of the Employer. If you have a P.O. Box or alternate address that you would like the document mailed to, this may be entered in the Notes or on the credit card payment form.

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Company Information

Business Info

Please Provide your Business Information. Form of business, state of incorporation, and FEIN Required. Must be nine digits XX-XXXXXXX, this is not the owner's SSN.

Legal Name(s) of Affiliated Company(ies)

    Please be sure to include the FEIN Number in the notes section below.

Legal Names of Affiliated Companies

If another company is owned by this Employer, and they want to include the other company's employees in this benefit, add it as an Affiliate Company. Please print legal name exactly as you would like it to appear in the document. Include FEIN in the Notes.

Name of Plan Administrator: (Employer unless otherwise stated)

Plan Administrator

The Plan Administrator is typically the Employer. Unless there is a specific entity that you would like designated as Plan Administrator, you may leave the Plan Administrator fields blank.

If the Plan requires submission of Claims, this Fax # will be included on the Claim Form.

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Effective date will be:

Choose New Plan or Amended Plan

If you have never provided this benefit before, choose New Plan - A and enter first date of pay period when benefit will begin.

If you began giving this benefit to your Employees more than three months ago, chose an Amended Plan - give dates for B and C.

                  New Plan (add Effective Date below)

                  Amended Plan (Effective & Original Dates below)
Plan year - The first plan year will be

    If you are starting mid-year, your first Plan Year will be a short Plan Year.

Plan Year

In most cases, the Plan Year will be January 1, through December 31. Or the Plan Year can coincide with the Employer Health Plan, however the Employer may choose any twelve month period.

                  First Plan Year is 12 consecutive months
            (Example: January 1 to December 31)

                  First Plan Year is a Short Plan Year
             (Indicate Start Day and End: Example June 1 to Dec. 31)
Eligibility requirements:

    All employees regularly scheduled to work ____ or more hours per week.

Who is Eligible

Minimum = 1 Maximum = 40

Waiting Period:

    Employees are eligible the first day of the month coinciding with or next following ____ consecutive days of employment:

Plan Activation

Please enter the number of days of employment before employee eligibility. Minimum = First day of Employment. Typical = First day of month after 30, 60 or 90 consecutive days of employment.

Protected Health Information Designee

    Please name the person who will be responsible for the proper handling of medical information protected under HIPAA law:


    Choose your EBHRA Plan Benefits:

Do you offer a traditional group health insurance plan?


Add any additional information in the EBHRA Plan Design notes section below for any design information not covered in the EBHRA questions sections.

                                 Coverage will be available to Employees Only
                                 Coverage is available to Employee & Employee +                                      Dependents

                                 Lump Sum/Annual (available on day 1)

                                 Use the indexed annual maximum IRS allowed EBHRA benefit of $2100 in 2024.
                                 Limit the EBHRA annual benefit as specified below:
Benefit Limits

    Please enter annual benefit limits for Employee as well as Employee and Eligible Dependents.

EB HRA Benefits

    Please check all Excepted Benefits to be reimbursed:

                                 Limited scope dental and vision insurance
                                 COBRA continuation coverage
                                 Short-term limited duration insurance (STDLI)
                                 Cost sharing (co-pays and deductible)
                                 Long-term care coverage, nursing home care, home                                      healthcare, community-based care, or any combination                                      thereof.
Carryover of Unused Funds:

    Will unused funds carryover to the next Plan Year?

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Choose Your Plan Options (EBHRA)

Deluxe Binder - New Excepted Benefit HRA Plan Document PDF and Printed plan document in 3 ring professional binder shipped via Priority Mail 249.00
Receive both the printed document and binder AND free PDF email version.

Basic PDF Option - Excepted Benefit HRA Plan Document - PDF email 199.00
PDF Document Processed Quickly and Sent Via E-Mail

Update PDF option - Update an Existing Core EB HRA Plan Document - PDF email 199.00
This option only available to existing Core Documents clients who has an EB HRA.

Plan Document. SPD. Administrative Sections & Forms on CD mailed 25.00
Documents provided in PDF format only. Forms in MS Word format

Rush Order - automatically queued up for priority processing 25.00

2nd Year Update - discounted 34% when added to new document order 149.00
This option entitles you to one plan document amendment in the first 24 months. Save 25% off the normal $199.00 update price.

I may be interested in more information about outsourcing HRA plan administration 0.00

Excepted Benefit Plan Design Notes Box

    Please tell us how you would like your new EBHRA Schedule of Benefits to be designed. We will review your notes for compliance issues and send you a follow-up plan design questionnaire with all allowed EBHRA plan options you can consider adding or omitting.

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