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2024 ERISA Wrap SPD Requirement – Are You in Compliance?

The requirement that all sponsors of group health and welfare plans have an ERISA Wrap Summary Plan Description (SPD) remains in effect for 2024. Employers found in non-compliance with the 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement face potentially huge ACA fines. Here’s what you need to know if you are an employer-sponsor of a group health plan.

The ERISA Wrap SPD requirement is an important ACA- and DOL-compliance matter.

The 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement is an important ACA- and DOL-compliance matter.


The 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement applies to all employers sponsoring a group health insurance plan.


To be in compliance with the 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement, the document must be drawn up by the employer or its agent containing the necessary information. It is then signed by the employer, and a copy is given to every employee eligible to participant in the plan. Then, the document must be kept on file for future reference.

The ERISA Wrap SPD on file will be accessed to give a copy to new hires, fulfill requests for a copy by employees, and in the event of an IRS or DOL audit.

Delivery to employees

The 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement to deliver a copy of the document to every employee eligible to participate in the plan can be met by personal hand delivery, USPS mail, or other personal delivery service (UPS, FEDEX, etc.).

Electronic delivery is allowed so long as the employee has access to a computer and printer at his or her regular work station and the employer provides a printed copy upon request.

Whichever of the above delivery methods an employer chooses, the company must document the delivery to each employee as evidence this rule was met.

Failure in Compliance

When an employer cannot produce the ERISA Wrap SPD within 30 days of a request by an employee, agent, or auditor, the company may be declared out of compliance with the law. This can mean the company incurs ACA fines of up to $110 per employee, per day, until the document is produced as requested.

Periodic Updates

In addition to the initial delivery of the ERISA Wrap SPD to employees, the document must be updated and re-delivered to participants every five years when there is a change to any part of the plan (such as a change in insurance carrier).

For the 2024 ERISA Wrap SPD requirement, this would apply to documents dated 2019, or older, respectively.

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