Core Documents’ brochures for Tax-Free Benefit Plan Documents

Core Documents, the country’s premier provider for affordable tax-free benefit plan documents, has just released new 2024 product brochures for tax-free benefit plan documents, including Section 125 POP, Health FSA, Wrap SPD, and HRA Plan Documents.

The brochures make product comparison more convenient so the right plan is easily determined for the employer. Simply download the .pdf and print a brochure.

We encourage our clients, employers, agents, and affiliates to view and download the entire line of our brochures for tax-free benefit Plan Document packages:


Core Section 125 Premium Only Plan Document Brochure Core Section 125 Premium and HSA Savings Plan Document Brochure    Core Cafeteria Health FSA Plan Document Brochure Core Section 129 Dependent Care Assistance FSA Plan Document Brochure$99 Wrap SPD Plan Document required for all group health plans.  Core Section 132 Transit and Parking FSA Plan Document and Forms Brochure Core QSE-HRA Qualified Small Employer Plan Document and Forms Click here to open and view the Core 105 HRA Plan Document Brochure and FormsCore HRA Plan Document and Forms Brochure   Individual Coverage HRA - ICHRA Plan Document Brochure Click here to open the Core Admin FSA - HSA - HRA web-based Administration w/ debit card Brochure & Forms

Each brochure provides …

a full yet concise explanation of the tax-savings, benefits, and implementation of the respective plan.

There is also a form within each brochure that serves as a type of pre-application to help gather information needed in the Plan Document before ordering online.

Executive Summary of Plans …

The Core 125 Premium Only Plan allows for tax-free insurance premium (brochure) (webpage)

The Core HSA allows tax-free  Insurance Premium & HSA Savings (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core FSA allows tax-free medical, dental, vision expenses (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core DCAP allows tax-free dependent care expenses (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core SPD is required by the ACA for all employer group health plans (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core 132 allows for tax-free Transit & Parking expenses (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core QSE-HRA allows for non-group health insurance and medical expenses (brochure)  (webpage)

Core IC HRA allows for non-group health insurance and medical expenses (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core HRA for 2+ employee groups for tax-free benefits integrated with group health insurance (brochure)  (webpage)

The Core 105 1 employee or spouse for tax-free medical and insurance premium (brochure) (webpage)

The Core Admin – Why Outsource Administration? Convenience. (brochure) CoreAdmin 

Employer Tax Savings …

All of these plans offer employer tax savings of 8% to 10% on average.

Employee Tax Savings …

Employees save as much as 40% in income and payroll taxes on premiums and contributions paid through the plans.

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