Plan Documents start at only $99, which is quickly recouped through employer payroll tax savings. Voluntary annual document maintenance services are also available, starting at $89. With this service, employers are able to amend and restate existing plans as needed in order to maintain compliance with IRC, DOL and ERISA laws, as well as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). In contrast, Core Documents’ competitors use an annual subscription service which requires their clients to pay for plan documents every year, whether changes are needed or not.

Key point: At Core Documents you pay for the plan document once and choose when and if you ever amend and restate it. It’s a one time charge.


Our competitors charge an annual recurring fee for plan documents whether updates are needed or not. You have to buy the document every year. Basically it’s a subscription service normally with a built-in expiration date. It’ll take several years for you to quantify the fact that this is not the most cost effective way to purchase a compliant plan document. It will cost you more. Keep that in mind if you look at a Core knock-off competitor’s offer.

Often ancillary insurance company “free” plan documents come with strings attached as the employer will need to allow commissioned agents access to every employee as often as needed, “to maintain compliance with IRC Section 125 laws”.


The President of Core Documents, Gene C. Ennis has held:


  • Certification in Flexible Compensation, (CFC) by the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation,
  • a 218 Life and Health Insurance license offering Section 125 plans since 1989,
  • a Third Party Administrator’s (TPA) license administering ERISA self-funded health and welfare plans,
  • a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) license with co-employer responsibility for 500 work site employees, and,
  • a PEO Controlling Person’s license.

Core Documents retains the services of several ERISA Benefit Attorneys for up to the minute commentary on issues affecting plan document language and administration. Since 1997 our plan documents have been thoroughly reviewed by numerous CPAs and law firms who have found them to be clear, concise, compliant and cost effective.

Our Clients

Our clients include small employer groups, PEOs, national payroll companies, Certified Public Accountants, Third Party Administrators, Agents, Brokers, a network of hundreds of Flex Affiliate websites, and law firms..

Many PEOs, payroll companies, CPAs, accountants, and attorneys private label Core Documents’ plans to their clients through our Flex Affiliate program.

Our Market

We sell documents and annual document maintenance, as well as state-of-the-art web based administration services, and Do-It-Yourself Excel administration software. Our target market is the small employer, normally with less than 100 employees. We offer online ordering at our website and ordering via fax.

Mission Statement

Core Documents is committed to helping our Clients and their employees reduce income tax liability with compliant Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions that allow them to deduct insurance premium, out-of-pocket medical expenses, dependent care expenses, and commuter and parking expenses before payroll taxes are calculated.

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