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Flex Affiliate Program video — New from Core Documents

Our newly-released Flex Affiliate Program video clearly explains how CPAs, accountants, payroll companies, and insurance agents can easily partner with Core Documents, Inc., to turn a potential liability into a new profit center.

As a Core Documents Flex Affiliate, you will team up with the nation’s primary source for affordable Section 125 & HRA plan documents. Your clients will learn about and purchase the highest quality IRS- and DOL-required plan documents directly from your web site through the 60 new private-labeled web pages provided to you free of charge as a Flex Affiliate partner.

Help Clients Pre-Tax Benefits to Employees

As you will see in the Flex Affiliate program video, all of these Plan Documents empower employers to offer a broad selection of tax-advantaged benefits to employees:

Plan Document Type Benefits
Section 125 Premium Only Plans Employees can pre-tax insurance premiums.
 Health & Dependent Care FSA Plans Employees can pre-tax medical bills and childcare expenses.
Section 125 Plans with HSA Module Employees pre-tax Health Savings Account bank savings.
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) Employer-funded plans that can reduce the employer’s
group insurance premium.
Section 105 Plans Small employers hiring their spouse can write off 100% of
health insurance premiums and medical bills.
Section 132(f) Transit and Parking Plans Employee can pre-tax parking and transit expenses
in metropolitan areas.


All of these Plans:

  • Save employees approximately 30% in payroll taxes (up to 40%), and,
  • Employers save approximately 8% in matching Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Plus, the cost of establishing any of these plans is quickly recouped through tax savings by the business owner. Everybody wins.

Flex Affiliate Program Video

For now, please go ahead and watch our Flex Affiliate program video. If you feel a partnership with us is a good fit for you, call 888-755-3373 to establish your own Flex Affiliate web site (you may also inquire via email to [email protected]).

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