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NEW 2022 Brochure for Transit & Parking Benefit Plan Document

core 132 commuter Transit & Parking PlanDecember 30, 2021 – Core Documents releases their new 2022 updated brochure for the Section 132 Transit and Parking Benefit Plan Document.

Section 132 of the tax code provides that employers may set up a flexible spending account benefit for employees to pay work-related transit and parking expenses with tax-free dollars. Tax savings on employee contributions to these FSAs come from income and FICA taxes for employees, with matching payroll tax savings for employers. All employers need to get started is a written plan document.

Transit & Parking Plan webpage https://www.coredocuments.com/core132.php

Transit & Parking FSA Brochure & Order Form https://www.coredocuments.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Core-Section-132-Transit-Parking-Plan-Document-Forms.pdf

Transit & Parking Online Encrypted Order Form https://www.coredocuments.com/user/form132.php