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Pre-Tax Eligible Premiums in Section 125 Premium Only Plan

Core Documents presents a clear list of employee benefit premium in a Section 125 Premium Only Plan that are and those that are not deductible tax-free to help our clients and friends looking for a quick answer.

Eligible Premiums in Section 125 Premium Only Plan

Employee’s portion of Group Health Insurance

Premiums for another employer’s group insurance plan that are not already tax free, such as COBRA continuation coverage

Dental Insurance (not purchased through State/Federal Exchange?)

Vision Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Critical Care Insurance

Hospitalization Insurance

Voluntary Federal Medicare insurance

– Medicare Part “B” Plan premiums

– MedAdvantage Plan premiums

– Medicare Supplement Plan premiums

– Medicare Part “D” Plan premiums

Disability, loss of limbs, sight or similar benefits (STD/LTD)

Group Term Life

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Premiums that Can Not be Pre-Taxed

Premiums for major medical Health purchased through State/Federal Exchange

Premiums tax-advantaged through subsidy or tax credit

Life Insurance

Premiums that are tax-free through another employer or other source

Long-Term Care Insurance


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