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Set Up The ACA Required Wrap SPD plan document for just $99

Erisa Wrap SPD

The ERISA Wrap SPD plan document requirement has been around for years. It’s the Department of Labor’s (DOL) document for communicating plan rights and obligations to participants and beneficiaries of employer-sponsored group health insurance plans.

It wasn’t until January 1, 2014 when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) added many new employee notification requirements, and stiff new $110 per day/per participant fines for non-compliance, that most employers became aware of and motivated to meet the requirement.

The term “wrap” comes from original DOL guidance suggesting that the Wrap SPD had to be formally bound to the insurance carrier’s benefit plan booklet. The combination of the two documents would upon distribution to employees represent a compliant Wrap SPD for a particular benefit plan. Obviously, times have changed, and many of these documents are now provided electronically; thus, the “wrap-around” concept no longer applies in the literal sense, but the concept remains.

Core Documents provides the Wrap SPD plan document for a one-time $99 fee. The SPD should not need to be updated until the health insurance carrier changes or every 5 years as required by the DOL.  For an additional $30 you can add all the supplemental insurance plans you also offer.

The ERISA Wrap SPD requirement to deliver a copy to every employee eligible to participate in the plan can be met by personal hand delivery, USPS mail, or other personal delivery service (UPS, FEDEX, etc.).

Delivery via email of the Wrap SPD plan document is allowed so long as the employee has access to a personal computer and printer at his or her regular work station and the employer provides a printed copy upon request.

See a short 3.5-minute video at:  /group-insurance-wrap-spds-now-avalable-just-99-core-documents/

See the Wrap SPD webpage:  /employers-must-prepare-erisa-wrapper-supplement-certificate-insurance/

See a PDF brochure and order form at:  /wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Core-Wrap-SPD-Plan-Document-Forms.pdf

See the Wrap SPD encrypted and secure online order form:   /user/formSPD.php

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