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Can an Employer/Owner Participate in Section 129 DCAP FSA Plans?

Can an employer participate in their own Section 129 DCAP FSA?

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As the owner and employer of a small business, can you also participate in and take advantage of the benefits in a Section 129 DCAP FSA?

Yes, when you know how and follow the rules. Core Documents explains.

In general, participation in a Section 129 DCAP FSA may be extended to any common-law employee of the employer.* Self-employed individuals can also participate in a DCAP, though not through a cafeteria plan.** Thus, sole proprietors, partners, more-than-2% shareholders in a Subchapter S corporation, and other self-employed persons can participate in a DCAP that is funded outside of a cafeteria plan.

For example, an employer could have a DCAP that provides benefits to these individuals and is financed entirely by the employer outside of a cafeteria plan (i.e., with no salary reductions or other contributions from the individuals).

A Section 129 DCAP FSA that covers such individuals might be a “stand-alone” plan that is separate from the DCAP under the employer’s cafeteria plan. Another option might be to use a single DCAP for both the employees who are eligible for the cafeteria plan (i.e., those who make salary reductions) and those self-employed individuals who are not eligible for the cafeteria plan. The DCAP document would need to differentiate the funding mechanisms for the two groups.

Note that the employee must support the tax-free nature of dependent care assistance benefits by completing Form 2441, which is attached to his or her Form 1040 or Form 1040A. Form 2441 requires the employee amount, which effectively requires employees to ensure that no double federal tax benefits are being taken for the same expense.

* See Code § 129(d)(1).

** For purposes of the dependent care assistance rules, the term “employee” includes a self-employed person within the meaning of Code § 401(c)(1), which relates to self-employed individuals. See Code § 129(e)(3). But for cafeteria plan purposes, these individuals are not considered to be employees (see Section IX) and may not participate in a DCAP with salary reduction dollars. See Code § 125(d)(1) and Prop. Treas. Reg. § 1.125-1(g)(2). Note that expenses relating to self-employment qualify as employment-related expenses under the DCAP rules. Treas. Reg. § 1.21-1(c)(1).

 How To Set Up a Dependent Care Assistance Plan FSA

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