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Dependent Care Assistance Plan FSAs Video from Core Documents

The Dependent Care Assistance Plan FSAs Video by Core Documents, the leading provider of affordable Section 125, FSA, and HRA Plan Documents in America.

3D_0006_dcapSection 129 of the Code allows employers to establish a Plan so their employees can establish special tax free savings accounts called a Dependent Care Assistance Plan, or DCAP FSA. A DCAP is a special Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that enables an employee to make special pretax or tax free elections from their paycheck to pay for child and adult daycare expenses. The daycare expenses must be necessary to enable one or both parents or guardian to work, look for employment, or go to school.

Employers thinking about adding a DCAP FSA benefit can do so simply by establishing a written plan document, a requirement of the IRS, and distribute a benefit summary plan description to every employee, a requirement of the Department of Labor. Core Documents can provide you with everything you need to establish a Section 129 DCAP FSA including the: Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, Election/Claim Forms and a complete Do-It-Yourself Administration Guide.

The basic PDF plan document package delivered via email is only $129, the deluxe printed plan document package in 3-ring binder plus the PDF email version is $179.00. The two red arrows in the left side-bar indicate links to an Online Order form and a Fax Order Form.

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 Optional Administration Services Available

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Dependent Care Assistance FSA Documents for Section 129 just $129!



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