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Why Use CoreDocuments.com instead of TaxFreePremiums.com for $99 Section 125 Premium Only Plan Documents?

Why do business with Core Documents, Inc. instead of TaxFreePremiums for $99 Section 125 Premium Only Plan Documents? Good question, let me help you with that issue.

taxfreepremium uses IRS Logo

Questionable use of the IRS Logo at TaxFreePremiums

By:  Gene C. Ennis – Bradenton, FL – October 10, 2014

Hi, I’mECEZ Gene C. Ennis, the owner and President of Core Documents, Inc. located at 501 Village Green Parkway, Suites 22, Bradenton, Florida 34209. See my bio and mission statement at “About Us”.

Another CoreDocuments.com business model copycat site, TaxFreePremiums.com just showed up on the World Wide Web. Here’s what you need to know about them. In case you don’t have time to read the whole article here’s the Executive summary: their $99 document price is an annual subscription, pay every year for the same document, no physical address advertised on the site, the domain name is private to hide the owner, no About Us page, and the IRS logo is used prominently on their Home Page. I’m contacting the IRS to find out if they have their permission to use the logo, or if they’re endorsed by or an entity of the IRS.

The major reason to do business with CoreDocuments.com instead of TaxFreePremiums.com for $99 Section 125 Premium Only Plan Documents is simple: Pay Once, Not Every Year, for IRS, DOL, and ACA Required Plan Documents

At Core Documents you pay once for IRS, DOL, and now ACA required Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions, not every year. By contrast, you have to pay for your plan document again and again, every year, at TaxFreePremiums.

TaxFreePremiums is a relatively recent copycat, or knock-off of the Core Documents business model. Core Documents has been marketing Section 125 Premium Only Plans for $99 for almost 18 years. Actually I modeled the business after the AmeriLawyer $99 Corporate Document service.

I personally set the benchmark $99 price for a Section 125 Premium Only Plan Document back when the prevailing market price was $300 paid annually, as in every year.  I’ve held that $99 one-time POP document price for 18 years only because of volume, and $99 doesn’t buy what it did 18 years ago. So it’s a real value to businesses, accountants, employers, payroll companies, PEOs, and insurance agents.

Regarding my industry experience, I’ve held:

  • a 218 Life and Health license
  • a TPA license
  • a PEO license
  • a PEO controlling person’s license, as well as
  • Certification in Flexible Compensation.

I’ve owned a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with approximately 500 work-site employees, so I understand employment practices, Human Resource issues, IRS and DOL requirements, benefit management, payroll tax issues, and I know what it means to be an employer and make payroll. I’ve also owned a Third Party Administration (TPA) company and administered millions of dollars in ERISA self funded healthcare premiums and claims. I also  implemented employer Section 125 Cafeteria Plans all the way back to 1987 as a District Coordinator for AFLAC, before the duck, before most people ever heard of AFLAC. When they were still American Family Life Assurance Company selling ancillary benefit insurance.

There are numerous reasons why you would want to do business with Core Documents instead of TaxFreePremiums.

Note to TaxFreePremiums: I’ve finally decided to address this bogus ‘Compliance Documents: Section 125 Plans’ site using the emblem of the State of Florida without their permission. It’s interesting how the only working links on this page follow back to the TaxFreePremiums site. This is being reported to Tallahassee. Update: August 17, 2015. Thank you for taking the bogus website down that appeared to be a compliance review of Core Documents and TaxFreePremiums by the state of Florida.

Let’s take a hard look at TaxFreePremiums

Understand that the Core Documents $99 brand Section 125 Plan Document is a one-time fee, subsequent updates and amendments are optional and only $79 when chosen. TaxFreePremiums is a $99 automated template annual subscription price, every year, changes or not,  like a magazine subscription. You buy your plan document every year from TaxFreePremiums.com with an expiration date. Alternatively, the Core Documents Cafeteria Plan documents are perpetual with a start date and no end date. Core Documents simply waits until there are adequate changes in IRS, DOL, and now ACA law/regulation to warrant an update. Then we contact the Employer and let them know they should update their document.

TaxFreePremiums Automatic Documents Are A Paginated Mess

I want to keep this brief and to the point ….the only way I’ve been able to maintain the Core Documents’ $99 brand price for almost 18 years is through sheer volume. We have over 30,000 plan document clients and over 5,000 attorneys, accountants, CPAs, payroll companies, PEOs, TPAs, and insurance agents who recognize Core Documents as the better value and service.  The only way a competitor can compete with our years of brand recognition in the marketplace is to automate the document process without human intervention. At Core Documents we have an experienced staff of knowledgeable consultants who understand the hundreds of nuances surrounding what can and can’t be done with a Section 125 premium only plan, especially in a post ACA/ObamaCare insurance environment. You don’t get that experienced human involvement in a Coke machine document that spits out a paginated mess template. I know it’s a paginated mess because I ordered one and have it in a file.

No Physical Address for TaxFreePremiums

Next, try to find a physical address anywhere on the TaxFreePremiums.com website.

Anonymous Domain Administrative Contact for TaxFreePremiums

When you do a Google search for ‘Who Is TaxFreePremiums.com’ to find out who owns the domain you’ll see their Administrative Contact is “Domain Discreet Privacy Service” in Jacksonville, FL. So we have no physical address, and TaxFreePremiums.com is using a “Domain Discreet Privacy Service”.

No About Us Page for TaxFreePremiums

Next, let’s try to learn about TaxFreePremiums experience in the industry. What about the experience of the guy behind TaxFreePremiums? Try and find an “About Us” tab or link anywhere on their website. Another dead end. No About Us link on their website.

Use of the IRS Logo on TaxFreePremiums Home Page

When I first saw the TaxFreePremiums site I was shocked to see a huge IRS logo prominently pictured on their Home Page. I thought that was against the law? The law says:

  • You cannot use U.S. government trademarks or the logos of U.S. government agencies without permission. For example, you cannot use an agency logo or trademark on your social media page.
  • You cannot use a U.S. government work in a way that implies endorsement by a U.S. government agency, official, or employee.

Use of Major Media Logos by TaxFreePremiums

The next thing I noticed on their Home page were all the logos from well known major media sources. All this means is these organizations picked up a press release TaxFreePremiums published to the Internet. The implication is that all of these media sources did an article on the anonymous company.

There’s more, but I’ll put it in a separate blog post.

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