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New Video: $99 Section 125 Tax-Saving POP plan document

The latest video from Core Documents features our most popular product, the $99 Section 125 Tax-Saving POP plan document package (Core 125). It explains how employees save up to 40% in taxes while employers eliminate on average 8% of matching payroll tax when the company has a Section 125 POP (Cafeteria) plan document in place, as required by the IRS to pre-tax benefits.

The Section 125 plan document package is the first step in building a comprehensive pre-tax benefit plan for employees. Employers can provide additional options like the Health Savings Account (HSA), health Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA), Dependent care plan (DCAP), and a Transit & Parking plan. Core Documents also offers the required ERISA Wrap SPD for all plans.

Getting started with a Section 125 plan to pre-tax benefits is easy. Complete our online order form (click here) and within 1 business day your plan document arrives in your inbox (.pdf format — deluxe binder versions arrive via Priority Mail, sent out the same day as your .pdf).

Once you receive your plan document, review the information, and sign as indicated. Then, copy the plan SPD for every eligible plan participant and distribute it to employees, along with election forms. Once you are finished with the plan document package, simply file it away with other personnel paperwork. There is no need to file it with any agency, only to keep it on hand for reference and in case of an audit by the IRS or DOL.

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Beware of “FREE” or self-serve Section 125 Plan Documents

Download our Section 125 Plan brochures:

$99 Section 125 Tax-Saving POP plan document brochure Core Section 125 Premium and HSA Savings Plan Document Brochure Core Cafeteria Health FSA Plan Document Brochure   Core Section 129 Dependent Care Assistance FSA Plan Document BrochureCore Wrap SPD Plan Document and Forms Brochure  Core Section 132 Transit and Parking FSA Plan Document and Forms Brochure