• Large DCAP Video

    Why Every Employer Should Have a Section 129 Dependent Care FSA Plan.

  • Explains how to reduce group premium with higher deductibles

    HRA for 2+ employee groups for employer paid medical and premium benefits tax-free.

  • Qualified Small Employer HRA Video QSE-HRA

    Qualified Small Employer HRA for employer paid individual insurance premium and medical expenses

  • CoreAdmin2

    Why Outsource FSA, HSA, or HRA Administration? One word, convenience.

  • Explains how to set up a Section 105 HRA for 1 employee or spouse

    HRA plan documents for 1 employee or spouse to reimburse medical and premium tax-free.

  • Core HRA for Groups 2+ Employees

    Everything an employer needs to know to establish a HRA for 2+ employee groups and start saving money.

  • About Core Documents

    A video about how Core Documents’ products save employers and their employees money.

  • Core Health FSA Plan Document Video

    Employee or employer contributions for medical & dependent care expenses tax-free.

  • Save Big with Tax Free Life and Health Insurance

    Section 125 POP to reimburse group health and supplemental insurance premium tax-free.

  • Avoid the ACA $110 Per Day, Per Employee Fine with the Core Wrap SPD

    Required by the ACA for group health insurance plans to communicate employee rights.

  • 0

    Plan documents to allow premium & HSA savings to be deducted at work tax-free.