Notice To All Employers:

Section 125 Premium, FSA, and HRA Plans should be updated to comply with recent changes in the Code and PPACA federal health care law.

Core Documents has completely updated all Section 125 Cafeteria and HRA Plan Documents in accordance with new IRS Code and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called Obamacare (or the federal health care law), making sweeping changes to numerous Section 125 Cafeteria and HRA Plan provisions. All Employers who sponsor a standard Premium Only Plan; or Health FSA; Dependent Care Assistance FSA; or a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA Plan) or any combinations of these Plans need to update their existing Plan Documents by January 1, 2013. These new regulations will effect the way Employers administer their Cafeteria and/or HRA Plans. Plan Documents that are out of compliance could be disallowed due to new changes.

About Core Documents, Inc.

Since 1997 Core Documents has been the primary source in the US for affordable IRS and DOL compliant Section 125 plan documents that allow employers and their employees to pretax, or avoid paying income tax on group health insurance premiums, healthcare expenses not covered by insurance, dependent and adult daycare, as well as parking and commuter expenses. The Internal Revenue Service under Section 125 of the Code maintains that employers must establish a written plan document before these tax deductions are taken. The Department of Labor requires employers to establish a Summary Plan Description or SPD in easy to understand language that should be distributed to every employee participating in the plan. Core Documents provides employers with everything they need to be fully compliant with these requirements. Core’s Section 125 plan documents are custom prepared for each client. These are not “fill-in the blank” or “check-box” templates.